• Matrimonio di Nadia e Filippo in Toscana - Wedding day in Tuscany - Italian Style

Made in Italy

I am a professional wedding photographer in Tuscany, Italy. I came from stage photography and every special and unrepeatable events. I live in Florence, in Tuscany, surrounded by the “beautiful”… Above all Art, culture, wonderful locations, villas, castles, beautiful countryside, vineyards, olive groves… endless sources of inspiration.


Wedding an exciting tale. Your wedding.

I love telling true stories, without forced poses or false smiles.

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On Stage & Back Stage

When the stage photography becomes reportage.

When the passion for the theatre, the opera, the ballet joins the art of the professional photojournalist, the stage photography is not only the story of a show but a real story-board of an emotional journey through the culmination of a gesture, one glance, a tear, a restrained breath. Light and Shadow.

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My Philosophy

I love life, people, looks, the intense, sudden emotions, the unexpected reactions, the spontaneity, the naive smiles, the real stories, the families, the friendships… even more the unspoken bonds, everything that happens here and now and will never repeat itself, similarly as the day of the Marriage, a theatrical spectacle, a special event.
There are moments of life that are worth remembering, telling and then rereading and getting excited again and again. Memories must be helped to stay alive in our minds and hearts and this is the task of photography… especially wedding photography… Above all this is the job for all the best wedding photographers.